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Welcome to the Zoo!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Sick baby

Some pictures of Gavin eating the sucker that the Dr. gave him on Friday. He went to the Dr a couple weeks ago because he sounded like he had Bronchitis. He did, as well as a double ear infection. That all started to clear up and then all 4 of his top teeth came through. Then he had pink eye, and when he went back to the Dr on Friday, he STILL (or again) had a double ear infection. So, I figured if anything, the little guy needed a sucker. So, I let him have it. He had alot of fun with it too.

We're going camping this weekend. Well, Gavin and I are going for sure, not sure about Husband. He kinda doesn't want to go, which is fine. I'm going either way. It'll be alot of fun. I can't wait. It's supposed to be nice all weekend too, like 70's and 80's. It'll still be chilly at night, which will suck, but not for a bonfire. Oh I just can't wait.

There isn't much else going on. I realize that I'm a slack blogger. I read everyday, but don't even come close to updating that often. I'm getting to the point to where I rarely comment even. I keep telling myself that if I don't at least update or comment once in a while, everyone will be sure that I'm a dead in a ditch over here. It's been a long couple weeks with Gavin being sick, and school and work and hubby. I'm very ready for the vacation this weekend.

I've been thinking alot lately about alot of things... things that I can't talk about right now until I know more. I'm so unsure of myself these days. I can't even begin to explain the issues in my life right now. I'm considering divorce, leaving my husband, ya know, that shit. I'm so confused.

Oh well, I guess I'm done rambling on about a million different topics right now. Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thank GOD!!

Okay so I've got a sitter for Gavin. I was so mad because yesterday Hubby wasn't supposed to work, but got called in by his dad. So, Gavin was watched by irresponsible inlaws yesterday. I was so mad. I guess I really can't get that mad, it's not like there was that much of a choice. However, I have now gotten a babysitter. I was looking into Daycare and it is damn expensive, more than I can afford for 4 days a week. Also, if the weather is like it has been the past couple weeks, then Husband isn't working, and I'm not paying for a full week when Gavin won't need to go but one day. That's dumb. So, my friend at work (er well, new best female friend), Kathy, her neice is pregnant and doesn't have a job. So, she's willing to watch Gavin 4 days a week ( or less if it rains) for $50 a week. I'll pay her $50 a week unless he only goes one day, and then, we'll figure something out. Besides, I trust her 100%, not like Daycare. I'm excited. So, that's all my news for right now. I'm swamped at work or I'd write more.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It's been a crazy few weeks. The end of the semester came and went without too much incident. I got A's in both my Sociology class (without even opening the book) and College Comp, and a big fat D in my math class. It was hard and I'm disappointed because I've never tried so hard at something and failed so miserably. Oh well, I'll just have to retake the damn class. It'll give me something else to take the last semester when I'm taking Pharmacology. What's funny about the Soc class is that the second to last class, I emailed the instructor and told her I would not be in class and asked if I would miss anything. She informed me that we were going over material for the final that would be extremely important. Nothing in the class was extremely important. I went to the last class, took the final, and left, thinking oh well, if I get a B+ that will be fine. BECAUSE I got my paper back that I totally bullshitted and got a B on it. I was waiting for lower. Anyways, she called my house the next day. She asked if I had done an extra credit presentation. Ummm... no, the loud chick in the back did 4 though. Okay, so all I get for extra credit is perfect attendance, right? (20 extra credit points) I'm like, yeah, that's all I got coming to me. No, she's not smart, I've missed at least one class that I can remember, and was going to miss 2, therefore eliminating my extra credit, but we had a snow day instead. Both times I emailed her and let him know that I would not be in class. See how well she pays attention. She told me that I got a 94 in the class overall, with a 96 on the exam. An effing 96!! and the material that I missed was going to be important. That's funny.

I'm taking another class right now in a compressed semester, only 7 weeks instead of 16. I go Monday and Wednesday from 4 to 6 and this class might kill me. It's gym, more or less. The community college that I goto is more like High School in that manner. I cannot believe that you need a gym and health credit to get a degree of any kind. It's kind of dumb to me. Anyways, I refuse to take a 16 week gym class, so I'm taking it now. I was also going to take a Government class but I waitlisted and didn't get a spot. Next sememster, (summer for 7 weeks) I'm taking the health and Allied Health Math with Larry the Math Guy. It should prove much easier than Intermediate Algebra. It's only dosages and crap.

So, besides school and work being crazy, Gavin's been sick. Apparently there was a plague on our house. I took Friday off of work and took him to the doctor. Ear infections and possibly bronchitis, so antibiotics to go around. The nurse also gave me every sample they had of Isomil formula, as well as samples of the antibiotic and of Motrin. Apparently they assumed that since I told them that I no longer have Medicaid, that maybe I needed a little extra help. I appreciate it totally. I haven't lost the WIC yet, and won't probably until Gavin is 1. At that point, so what. Formula is the big expense and now we're pretty stocked. I also didn't have to pay the $20 copay for the appointment. I am not sure if it's just because the Ped is my uncle or because the nurse practitioner knows that I'm his neice or just because I'm gonna get a bill in the mail. I'll find out, I'm sure.

If anyone knows a good sitter that would work for free, let me know, I need one about 4 days a week. My inlaws are no longer watching my son, because they are idiots. Apparently my mother in law got all pissed of at hubby because he was 10 minutes later than what she thought he should be. So, here's the whole story. Hubby went to get Gavin after work on Monday. Hubby asked MIL if she minded hanging on the Gavin for a little while longer while he went home and cut the grass. Oh, no problem, go ahead. Well, she calls while he's on his way back to get Gavin, freaking out on him. He told her that he'd be there in 10 minutes and she hung up on him. When he got there, Gavin was outside in his stroller, entirely too close to the dog that bites children, and all of his stuff was on the back porch. My FIL was outside 'watching' Gavin because she didn't want to deal with Hubby. Husband lost it on his dad. There's no need to throw his stuff out of the house on the porch just because she's pissed, and his dad wanted to argue about it with Hubby. His stuff's not outside, besides, she doesn't feel good. Oh well, she said that she would watch him and then decided that she'd had enough, and put him outside. I don't know what makes me madder, the fact that she threw him and his stuff out like it's garbage because she was pissed, or the fact that it wasn't exactly hot outside. It was only in the 60's which is warm by our standard in Michigan, but not warm enough for him to be out in short sleeves when he's sick. I just cannot even imagine where the common sense train missed them. Maybe I'm overreacting but I don't think so. My In-laws are not great people to begin with. If they had a brain to split between them, they'd be dangerous. So, anyways, I'm not sure that I ever want them to babysit ever again, so now I need a sitter. At least for a while. Or well, just until winter.

Well, I think I'm done rambling for now, but at least I updated MARY!!! Listen here! Anyways, everyone have a great day!!!