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Welcome to the Zoo!!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pictures to occupy

Look at me eating scrambled eggs like a big boy!!!

Passed out cold. Bad mommy. See the Crown Royal bag?

Getting dressed for Easter Vigil on Saturday night. He's so cute.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I've been tagged by Katie to list 6 random things about myself and then choose 6 more people to tag to do the same thing. So, here goes:

1) I played Classical Violin for 12 years before I got too busy.
2) I have 4 brothers and sisters, am the oldest.
3) I work for a pest control company that kills bugs, it's really gross!
4) Gavin is going to look like dracula pretty soon because he's getting his eye teeth on top.
5) I am going to school for my RN degree and failing my math class. Go ME!
6) I have a dog, 2 snakes (that need to go) and 2 lizards (that need to go).

So, now that I have completed this post, I get to tag someone else. Here are the rules:
1--If you are tagged, you have to post six things about yourself on your site.
2--Then you should leave a comment on my site to let me know that you have posted.
3--You can then tag at least 6 more people. To tag, just leave them a comment to let them know they are IT!

Six people that I choose:
1) Cristi
2) Kate
3) Sunshyne
4) Makily's momma :-)
5) Katie for tagging me
6) Katie again for tagging me (I don't know anyone else)

Just kidding though Katie. :-)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Crazy I tell you

So, it's damn near the end of the semester and I'm losing my ever loving mind. I have a 5 page paper to write for Sociology class tonight, and I haven't even started. It's supposed to be about race and gender messages in cartoons. Any suggestions anyone? I really don't wanna have to watch cartoons since I don't have cable, I'll have to watch movies. And they're looooong. Okay, well not that long, just only about an hour and a half, but that's still alot when I have other things to do. Maybe I won't come to work tomorrow and I'll just do that all day. I don't know.

I can't believe that this weekend is Easter already. I kept thinking I had much more time on the whole Easter pictures thing. Guess I'm wrong. So, I'll just have to put him in the clothes I bought him and take my own pictures. I also got a little bunny hat that has My 1st Easter with little bunny ears. I'm excited, about what, I'm not sure... I forgot.. lost my train of thought.

Oh, but I'm not sure what else I was gonna do today. I keep forgetting. God, alright, I'm done for now. But here's a pic for you to keep you guys happy.