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Welcome to the Zoo!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Co-Sleeping and other bad habits

When Gavin was first born, and even before that, I was completely against co-sleeping. All the research said that it was bad, don't do it.... blah blah blah. I tried hard not to, really I did. BUT then he refused to sleep at night. It was much easier to just bring him into bed with me, and he would sleep like the dead until a decent time in the morning. And if he woke up before what I considered a decent time in the morning, I could lean over and rub his little head and he would go right back to sleep. He's had the flu for the past few days. If I never have to smell yeast again, I would be alright with that. His poop smelled like yeast. It was absolutely disgusting. So, he's been in bed with us right from go every night. It's just that much easier that me having to get up and go get him at midnight, put him back in his bed at 2, and get him again at 4:30. I've just started letting him sleep in bed with us again.

See, a couple weeks ago, he was whiney and I brought him into bed with us. I'm pretty sure the whiney was just teeth. So, he was in bed with us, and got whiney in the middle of the night. I re-positioned him to get him to settle down. I apparently was so damn out of it that I re-positioned him on the ouside edge of the bed. I'm not sure what happened from there, but all I know is that I woke up to him screaming his head off, and he was face down on the floor. Very Scary. The Husband berated me for the next hour about how irresponsible I was. I'm not irresponsible, just fucking tired. Other mothers know. You do what you gotta do to get some sleep sometimes. So, now I make sure that I am COMPLETELY awake when I move him around in bed. I am very careful now. However, it still hasn't stopped me from co-sleeping. When you say the word, you can almost hear everyone around gasping.

But ya know, I'm sick of checking the doors and windows in the middle of the night to make sure everything is locked. Maybe that's just a new mommy thing, but it's frustrating that that's where my OCD has gone since I had Gavin. Straight to locking doors and windows 30 times a night, not to meticulously cleaning my house or vaccuuming up dog hair. At least I know, in our bed, that if someone were to break in or something, that he's safer. I know that I can protect him in my bedroom (and make husband go check the noise.)

That's funny. vaccuuming.... hahaha I don't. Husband does, but I don't. And, as gross as it may sound. I don't much care if I set Gavin on the floor and he ends up covered in dog hair. It doesn't matter what I do, the dog is always right next to him anyways. Every time I turn around, there she is. She watches him like a hawk. Especially if someone else is holding him. Whenever he is close to her, he nonchalantly reaches out and yanks out a handful of her hair anyways. Then into the mouth it goes. Oh, I wish I had the time to care. Building up his immune system one dirty floor and dog lick at a time.

Well, Gavin is getting over the flu, which is great, cuz I'm not sure I could handle one more night of this garbage. Husband is getting sick though. He's achy and I'll be damned if the world didn't stop just because. He's been almost a bigger whiner than Gavin, and Gavin had explosive diarrhea and Exorcist like vomiting for 4 days. He's lost a pound and a half. Husband could stand to lose a few pounds himself. Oh Salmonella....

Well, there is math homework to be done, complex fractions to factor (or something like that) and other shit I'd like to get done while I'm here at work being so damn productive. I have until 3, and it's only 10:30. Any lunch suggestions? I'm starving. mmmm... maybe Big Johns. Talk to everyone later.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stop the Ride, I wanna get off!!!

Oh hell no. Tell me I didn't get puked on by Gavin about 40 times last night. This is the absolute last thing that I wanted to deal with right now with the end of the semester quickly approaching. I have 5 more weeks, that's it! I'm so excited that I'm almost done but it's getting crazy. Then add into it the fact that Gavin has the flu, and you're ready for one rocking good time.

See, it all started on Saturday. We went to a friend of the hubby's house. Hubby and his friend were putting the new motor in Hubby's truck. I was hanging out with his wife and 2 boys. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, her youngest boy throws up, Exorcist style. Projectile vomiting like you wouldn't believe. We cleaned everything up and she was telling me that her ped said that he had 2 major ear infections, and the puking was how he was dealing with it. LIAR!!! Sunday, her other little boy started getting sick, and yesterday, I almost had to kiss Gavin for soaking my father in law. All of the Pedialite has come back up that I've given him. It hadn't come up liquidy either. More kind of mucousy than liquidy. Pretty nasty. No fever or anything but still. He's not projective vomiting, like all of a sudden, have to puke, it's done. No, he's gagging and wretching and dry heaving. It's so sad and he's crying the entire time. I just wanted to cry myself. Hopefully it's only a day or two thing. I have him some Pedialite this morning at like 5, and at 6:30 it hadn't come back up yet, so maybe it'll start going away. I told Hubby to only give him formula and Pedialite today, just because he doesn't do so well cleaning up chunks. I did tell him that I hoped that Gavin spewed all over him today. He couldn't bother himself to get outta bed once last night to help with anything. Gavin was sleeping in our bed, not like he didn't know he was sick. I hope that he gets puked on.

Well, I gotta get going back to work. I'm only doing a million things with school and stuff. Back to it. Yah Mule Yah.

Oh and Go and tell Christi hi and that you love her and Congratulations!!! She's pregnant!!!! Love you guys!!! SMOOCHES!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh and the fun begins

Well, after a not nearly long enough Spring Break, I'm back and ready for school. Okay, well, maybe not. I did absolutely nothing school wise over break. Husband and I took a road trip to Mio, about 2 hours north of us. We went up there mainly just to get dog vaccines for Stupid dog at an Amish feed store. We got enough for the in-laws dogs as well. So, I ended up doing dog shots all day Saturday. It was very interesting. But I didn't have any problems doing it, and it just reassures me that I'm supposed to be giving shots and such. I have a Sociology midterm today. That should be pretty easy overall.

Gavin's ears are good. He only had the one ear infection this time. Thank God. Oh, and Guess what!!!!!


Okay, well, only one tooth through already, but he's working on the one right next to it. The teeth on the bottom are coming in. I'm very excited. He grabbed my hand and started gnawing on it the other day. All I could think was "wow, that's a really sharp little.... " and then it hit me. "He's got a tooth" and I called everyone I knew to tell them. I was sooo excited! I'm such a dork.

Well, I have a million things to do here at work and I need to get some homework done before class. I may not be back until next week. I'm reading everyone's I just don't have time to write in my own lately. I'm really trying not to be soo much of a slacker. Honest. Everyone have loverly days.

Friday, March 03, 2006

More Ear Problems

Gavin has another ear infection and its been oh so fun lately. He's done sleeping all night again since he's sick. He just wants his mommy or daddy to hold him and snuggie him. That's fine but I got shit to do. I went to Toy's R Us yesterday and bought a swim diaper and a little float thing for Gavin for the pool. I also got him a hat that said "My 1st Easter" and it has 2 little bunny ears on it. It's very cute. I got him an Easter outfit too. I can't wait. I'm so excited. Husband is home with Gavin today, and Gavin is being ultra whiney.

We got hammered with snow yesterday, some parts of the area got like 15 inches. We only got about 6 or 7, but it kept my husband out plowing last night. Making me money. hehehe. So, because of the snow, class got cancelled last night. Not like it was a big deal, it was only Sociology. But I was supposed to have the midterm so now we won't do that until after Spring Break. Makes me wonder if we'll still do it. I'm sure we will but we'll see. I was ready too. Damn. The crap's pretty easy.

I'm just sitting at work fairly bored right now. I'm eating Big John's Steak and it's fabulous. I'm gonna get fat though. That's alright, I'm not sure that I care. I do have to do a ton of homework this weekend. I don't have class next week at all so I'll have some time to get caught up. I'm not really behind, I'm just not ahead like I like to be. That bothers me cuz then when stuff starts to come due I feel like I'm overwhelmed. I like having classes that I can work ahead so I don't feel like that. Like I have too much to do and not enough time. Well, hell, I always feel like that though, with school full time and work full time and Gavin. Plus laundry and dishes and housecleaning.... God, I need a maid. er something. Maybe just a husband that is willing to do some of the shit. That's what I really need.

Enough of my rambling for now. Talk to everyone later.

Oh, and I have been giving Gavin those Biter Biscuits... they are messy. But the dog loves em, he eats half of it, (or well, sucks on half of it) and then hands it to Grace. Very Funny.