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Welcome to the Zoo!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Look Ma No Hands!!

Okay, so I know I've been slacking lately. I'm lost over here somewhere. I've been dying sick--- ear infection, strep throat, sinus infection and the flu. All wrapped into one. Thank God Gavin didn't get sick.

There isn't much to update on. I've been going to school, however I missed school last week. So, now I'm a week behind in my Comp Class and right on pace in my Soc class because class was cancelled last week. We had a little snow/ice storm that screwed everything up. I stayed in bed though so it didn't much matter. The husband was not so helpful. He decided to leave on Thursday and not be home at all on Wednesday so I had to deal with Gavin too and be sick enough to die. He's been such the bundle of joy too. Whiney whiney whiney. Probably teeth since it's not ears. I don't know though.

Oh well, I guess that I'm pretty much boring today. I'm at work and there really isn't much going on. Happy birthday Monkeys!! Happy Belated Birthday TJ!! Everyone have fun, and I'll try to be more interesting next time.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Slacker here!

Yeah, well, if I had more time... There are so many things that I've been trying to get done lately... Chicken-no-head.

So, pretty sure Gavin still has ear infections, but no teeth yet. He can sit on his own and rolls over pretty quickly but still doesn't seem to have any inclination to crawl. He kind of moves himself in cirles if the mood strikes him. From his back, he grabs his feet, puts them out sideways (L shaped) and then kind of straightens his body to match. If he's on his tummy he kind of (I repeat KIND OF) scoots sideways. It takes a looooong time to get in a complete circle. He really doesn't seem interested in going anywhere yet. We'll see. He's getting so funny. He sits in his Exersaucer-thingy and bounces up and down for hours... I have a bouncer that hooks to the door frame.. but I don't have any door frames. No trim... all plaster. I also got him one of these and he loves it. So does Grace. She likes to come over to him and lay her head on his lap and he grabs her and tries to chew on her. Very funny.

I have class tonight and it's snowing like CRAZY. I guess I'm glad that tonight I only have to drive 5 minutes to class, not 45. I am also trying to spend my income tax refund most efficiently. It's difficult. So many things that I wanna pay off, and so little money to pay it all off. I dunno. But I gotta get back to it. Sorry for the crappy update but I'm really trying I swear.