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Welcome to the Zoo!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sick weekend.

Oh jeez. It's a wonder that we didn't have a sick baby over the weekend. Husband and I spent all weekend playing pass the baby back and forth every time one of us had to use the bathroom. Thank god it didn't work out that we were both in the bathroom at the same time. One of us puking in the sink while the other was on the toilet would have been bad. So, yeah, productive weekend. Let me just say that I don't know how those Bulimic chicks do it. I couldn't imagine puking any more EVER and if I poop again in the next month it will be too soon. I will not be recommending this weight loss plan to anyone ever. I lost 10 pounds I swear but had to feel like crap all weekend to do it. Not fun.

Anyways, off to better subjects. I was reading K8's blog about shoes and it made me think about my own shoe fetish. I have at least 30 pairs of shoes, if not more. I love shoes. I need more shoes actually.

I don't really have much else to update. That's about it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I now officially have a zoo!

Okay, so besides the kid, the dog, the husband, 2 snakes, 2 lizards, and my fun with the baby bunnies, I can now add rats. Yes, I have rats. Well, not intentionally. I buy feeder rats to feed to my snakes. My big snake, Rico, ate his without a problem. But now that it's starting to get cold up here in Michigan, my snakes are getting to where they are going to hibernate for the winter. My little snake, Paco, didn't eat his rat, so it was just in a tank that we have at the house and we've been giving food and water until either Paco got hungry enough to eat it, or Rico got hungry again. WELL... I went in the 'snake room' to give the rat food and water last night, looked in, and there are BABY RATS!!! The rat was apparently REALLY prego, and had 10 BABIES!!! What the hell am I going to do with 10 baby rats?? At least their momma is still there. So, I put in some fluffy stuff that came out of the couch in our breezeway (stupid dog tore it up) so that they could be warm and cozy and I'm taking them back to the pet store today when I get out of work. They'll take momma and baby and take care of them properly and probably sell the babies to me next time I need a rat. How sad. I won't know though, hopefully. I can't feed the rat to my snake now, she's a momma, and I can't take her away from her babies. Strange how being a momma changes your perspective on things. Oh well, hopefully they'll trade me rats so I can still feed Paco. Stupid rat.

AND I'm outta diapers and almost out of wipes. I didn't realize I was that low. I put the last of the diapers in the diaper bag this morning for Husband to take to the In-Laws when they watch him today. Gavin is staying with my parents tonight though, since they are watching him tomorrow, and they have diapers, so technically, I'm not out. Just close to out. I'll pick some more up tomorrow or something, I suppose. Gavin stays the night at my parents on Tuesday nights because my step-mom watches him on Wednesdays. If I were to take him on Wednesday morning, I would have to be out of the house by 6:30am, to get him there and get to work by 8. That's not happening. It's just easier to get a full nights sleep once a week. He's going back and forth between sleeping all night and waking up. Last night, he woke up at 3:30 because he had a 'diaper malfunction' so I changed him and put him back in bed. He wouldn't go back to sleep though. Well, he would, as long as I was holding the pacifier in his mouth. If I let go, he'd drop it, then start freaking out. So, finally I made husband get up and make a bottle, cuz I figured what the hell. I'm already awake now, and he's obviously hungry, might as well feed him, then he'll sleep until like 8. He ate that bottle better than he's eaten any bottle in the last week. It was empty. We're back down to just 4 ounce bottles and no food except cereal in his nighttime bottle. He's just not eating enough. I really want him eating an 8 ounce bottle AND food and stuff. But for now, it's not happening. So, oh well, we'll start that over in a couple months I suppose.

Well, high ho high ho.. I should probably get my ass to work so I'm not rushing around at the last second trying to finish everything so that I can get out of here on time today. Talk to everyone later.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Please somebody stop the music!!!

OMG Steve babysat on Thursday and Friday and managed to addict my child to George Strait of all things. It's not terrible actually, it's just strange... maybe it's just the male singing voice and the fact that its kinda slow and calm. I'm not real sure what it is, but it's weird. He is sleeping all night again, after the shots and him being up every 2 hours and not sleeping or eating very well at all, he's back to normal. It's finally getting easier. I'm amazed. I was a little worried that he'd be a PITA all the time. However, he's sitting in his swing just chilling right now. I'm happy. Happy baby=happy momma. Maybe I won't need the Xanax after all......

Friday, October 14, 2005

16 Kids and pregnant AGAIN!!!

Go and read this! It's absolutely hilarious!

Shoot Dang

I'm going to absolutely lose it. Why is it that when you take your child to get immunizations, the doctor only tells you that he'll be sleepy for the day and his little legs will be sore. He doesn't tell you he'll probably be a whiney pain in the ass for a week, not eating, not sleeping, and making his mommy's life a living nightmare. Bastard.

I bought a bib yesterday that said "All mommy wants for christmas is a ... Silent Night" I laughed. I went crazy at Babies R Us. All of their summer stuff was on clearance so I bought some stuff that would be big enough for Gavin to wear a year from now (hopefully) and the Carter's stuff was buy one get one 1/2 off. I bought a sleep n play and a 3 pack of onesies. I would have never ended up at Babies R Us except for I'm an idiot!! Complete and total! Steve and I left the house, and got 10 miles away on our way to go pick out pumpkins before we realized that we'd forgotten the diaper bag. So, we figured it would just be a quick trip. Well, 1/2 way through said quick trip, he woke up and decided to stink up the car. Babies R Us keeps diapers in the Mommy's Room. I went in there, changed him, into a newborn diaper I might add. Why in the heck can't they put all different sizes in there just in case man. Everyone has a bad day. I guess they figure that by the time your child is in size 1 diapers you should have your shit together, you are after all, a mommy. You are solely in charge of this baby, and you can't even remember the diaper bag.. you flaming idiot! Yeah, yeah yeah.. I know...

So, I was quite the slacker yesterday, and didn't make it to work. But oh well. Wednesday was a vacation day for me and I had to take Gavin to the Dr and then I had to go to the Dr. I was at my Dr for 2 hours. That makes me mad. I like her so much but dang... try to be punctual. So, anyways, I have these 'lumps' in my armpits. They hurt really damn bad. She says they're some sort of infection and give me a prescription for antibiotics. Then, to jumpstart the whole fun, she decided that the nurse is going to give me a shot of antibiotics in my hip (read butt). It hurt pretty good. Hell, I'm still sore. It worked though. And, after Gavin being as whiney as he was, I decided that I was going to stay home with my little man yesterday. Big effin mistake. Cuz by the time he wouldn't go to sleep for the 18th time last night and this morning, I'd had it. I got absolutely no sleep and now I'm at work trying to keep my eyelids up. I promised my little sister that I would take her and her friends to the pool for her birthday party tonight. So, 5 screaming girls in my vehicle, 5 screaming girls in the pool, and then 5 screaming girls all the way home. YAY. Someone shoot me.

I hope I didn't forget anything at home, cuz I really don't want to be there long after work. I'm just running in, getting Gavin, and leaving to go take girls to the pool. If I stay, I'll be sleeping, I swear. Alright, well that's about it for now. I guess I'm off to see the wizard.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Well, I've been meaning to post, but I haven't wanted to until I knew for sure... GAVIN IS SLEEPING ALL NIGHT!! I gave it a few days because I just thought it was a fluke. But, I was wrong. Last night, he slept from like 8:15 until 10--I had to wake him up for his last feeding last night. I was sure he wasn't going to go right back to sleep since he had just woken up and had slept so much already. However, he went right to sleep and slept until 7 this morning. I am so excited!!! I've been giving him cereal already for about the past month. I started baby food a few days ago, and he loves it. I think that maybe that's what finally triggered it. Green beans so far and I'm trying peas today. We'll see what he thinks of peas. I'm trying to do breakfast, lunch, dinner type of thing with him. I feed him his morning bottle with a little cereal in it, then for lunch he gets cereal and a bottle, dinner he gets baby food and a bottle, and then nighttime he gets just a bottle with cereal in it. I felt so damn bad though because he was sick. I got home on Monday, a week ago, and he had a rash all over his back and chest. I freaked out. I called the doctor and made an appointment for the next day. The doctor said that it was just a viral rash from him having the cold or whatever he had. He'd be congested and coughing lately. By Wednesday, you could just tell that he didn't feel good at all. He had that pathetic little whine instead of cry and he did not want to be put down at all!!! He didn't sleep very well, didn't eat very well, and just in general didn't feel good. I felt so bad. We were giving him Pedialite because he didn't want to eat his bottle and Pediacare to help the cough and congestion. We also were rubbing his little chest with Baby Vicks. All of it combined seemed to help quite a bit. He's feeling a million times better now. I even get smiled at through the green beans. And he's starting to coo and stuff now. It's funny when he gets going with a face full of food. I got green bean sneezes and spit up yesterday. It was alot of fun. The green beans seem to give him a little gas, though, so I'm not sure that I'll be feeding him them often. We'll see. My step-mom asked me what made me decide to start feeding him baby food. I told her I just decided to do it.. said what the hell. He's been eating cereal and doing really good, and he's getting better at eating off a spoon. So, I just decided to do it. He likes it so I don't care. AND if that's what's helping him sleep all night, I REALLY don't care.

I just wish that I didn't have to work and could spend all my time at home with my little bubba-licious. Yeah, I've got some screwed up nick names for him already. I will have more pictures soon, I promise. I'm trying to get a good one of him smiling.

Anyways, that's probably all for now.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Almost forgot!!

I was going to put this link here too... How outrageous! That's all I can say.


I know, I've been slacking on posting. I just don't have anything to write. Poor Gavin has a cold. He's now on some Pedia Care stuff that Dr. Tom gave me for him. He also gave me a script for some 'better than Mylicon' stuff that insurance totally covers, so it's free. After paying $10 per bottle for Mylicon, I'm ecstatic. Nothing more going on on the hubby front. He's been doing much better since I left him for a weekend. Probably had something to do with the fact that I didn't cry. Every other time I've threatened to leave or left, I've cried. Not this time. Not a tear. Wasn't worth it. Hell, I didn't even feel like I wanted to cry. I was just so mad. But, like I said, he's being better, even BGS is impressed with husband. That's a good sign.

So, I've sent in paperwork to see if I can get childcare assistance from the state. A friend or family member can get paid by the state to babysit. Since BGS is watching Gavin 3-4 days per week, he will hopefully get paid to do it. However, if he doesn't get paid, he'll still watch him because he loves Gavin and loves me. The money would just be an extra bonus. I was going to put it through for my sister to get paid for it, but after she acted like she was above doing it UNLESS she got paid, I decided that I would do it for Steve instead. I know she's gonna read this, but I don't care.... I am most pissed that she couldn't even watch him yesterday. My MIL had to go out of town at the last minute because her mother had a stroke or she would have watched him yesterday. When I called Pook, she said she had to put in job applications blah blah blah. Fine, I understand that she has to find a 'real' job. But then, she ended up either NOT doing that or doing it BEFORE she drove 3 hours to meet a stranger. As it is, I put up with her being unreliable and undependable and have often dropped everything that I am doing to help her with things. I am upset that she cannot do the same for me. I don't know, am I expecting too much from her, as his aunt and Godmother? Which by the way, she insisted that she was going to be the Godmother, which is fine. But then she almost didn't want anything to do with it after. She wouldn't come to church except for the day of the baptism. She wasn't even going to come to the party that I had afterwards. It just seems like her life interferes with her other obligations, like finding gainful employment. She always gets distracted from her task at hand, and then gets mad when anyone points out what she 'should' be doing. I think that deep down she knows what she should be doing, but it's hard for her to let go of being a kid. She wants to just have her fun. I can understand that. However, on the other hand, she wants to settle down with someone. I don't know. I didn't mean for this to go in the direction of talking about my sister, but it did.

Clean cup clean cup move down move down!

My car broke down yesterday. Turns out it was the battery that was doing it. Thank god for a $60 fix. Also thank God that a couple of my Techs from work were in convenient locations. Both of the techs that service the town I live in jumped my car yesterday. Chuck jumped my car at the Dr's office because I accidently shut off the car. Then, my car died at one of the busiest intersections in the city. All I could think was "Now what?" And I turned around and there was John in the next lane. I banged on his window and he jumped my car and then followed me to my FIL's house so that he could fix it. Thank God for small favors. Great how things work out. Also, THANK GOD AND ALL THINGS HOLY that Gavin didn't scream his everloving head off the entire time either. He just slept like, well, like a baby.

Well, High ho high ho... Talk to everyone later.