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Welcome to the Zoo!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2005

A little lie never hurt nobody

Well, okay, I was totally going to go to church today. However, I didn't get to leave work until 5 minutes before mass started, so by the time I went to the bank FOR work and then got there, I would have been late. I decided to just not go and leave my phone off until at least 3:30, then call and say I was out of church, but there was no point in going back since I get outta work at 4. Oops... I'm a SINNER!! It's okay, though, cuz I'm Catholic, and all I have to do is reconcile, and I'll be clean again. Great how that works.

Did I happen to mention that this baby thinks it's funny? I think it likes to jump around and then land on my bladder, just to see mommy pee herself. Oh, yeah, I'm amused. I think it's real effin funny!!! My grama says she's gonna tell the baby that I've been screaming at it already, but whatever. I'm allowed to call it names now... it can't understand me.

My sister's car was broken into again!!! What a bunch of shit. Imagine that, and then have to DRIVE it to the police station to have a report done. They won't even respond to a call. Good thing she didn't catch someone in the act. They stole her CD's, CD player, and Radar detector. She's putting an alarm on it now. I'm also taking her to the range to shoot tomorrow. She's never shot a gun, and wants to learn. I just want her to be comfortable with my .22 to be able to use it if someone breaks into the house. It's just her and grama here, and if they're breaking into the cars.... it's only a matter of time. And, as long as he puts a foot in the door, and you don't shoot him in the back, you're fine on that. You can protect yourself and your property. .22's suck too for shooting people. They enter, and don't exit. They don't have enough power to exit, so they just bounce around until they quit moving, tearing up all sorts of shit.

Well, I'm really running outta stuff to say. I suppose I will just update after all the fun of this weekend. Spending time with families is always fun. We were invited to the inlaws on both sides, and hubby's aunt invited us. I would really rather just stay home and veg, but we'll see. I don't know what we're doing yet. I do know that I have to do laundry, dishes, and go to the range tomorrow. That I do know. Other than that, this weekend is gonna be a blur, cuz I have to be back to work on Monday at 7am. Totally Icky!!! I love the early shift, my body hates it though. It resists heavily.


More info that you ever wanted to know!!

Okay, so I figured that the only real people that read my blog are family and friends, but just in case someone were to stumble upon it and read, I figured that I would put an entire list of stuff about me. I am going to try to get to 100, but we'll see.

1. I always thought that I would marry Prince Charming, I got the frog instead. He's only pleasant after I kiss him. :-)

2. I work for a pest control company and make peanuts.

3. I bought a house that hates me, I swear. It breaks and then miraculously fixes itself.

4. I used to drink alot, before I got pregnant.

5. I will continue to drink profusely after the kid pops out.

6. I will also probably start smoking again when I start drinking again.

7. My husband thinks that I've completely quit smoking, when in fact, I'm still sneaking the quite frequently.

8. I'm only to 8 and I'm running out of stuff.

9. I'm not a very interesting person.

10. My best friends are a stripper, mother of 5, and a gay man.

11. I have 3 sisters and one brother. The brother is a long story, but we still claim him.

12. My oldest little sister is my bestest best friend of all.

13. She's moody, so we fight alot, but we love each other so it's okay.

14. I always thought I would grow up and get the eff outta this town.

15. I grew up and realize that I would never leave!!!!

16. I'm 5 months pregnant, and I'm as big as a whale already, I swear.

17. I'm scared to death of giving birth. Braxton Hicks hurt BAD! I can't imagine real.

18. I want a puppy but would have to get rid of my lizards to get one.

19. I love my lizards too much to get rid of them.

20. I could get rid of the snakes, but I don't want a puppy THAT bad.

21. I have 2 columbian red-tailed boas and 2 orange throated skinks.

22. I can't sing or dance.

23. I don't exercise regularly, and never eat healthy.

24. My favorite color is blue. I have to be real careful when picking out clothes, or all of them will be blue.

25. I'm debating on going to Mass today for Holy Friday.

26. I'm not that religious but it would get me outta work early. SINNER!!

27. I dig oldies music, like from the 60's, 70's and 80's. I don't dig current music, it drives me nuts.

28. I hate stupid people more and more every day.

29. I'm impressed that I have been going this good without skipping a number.

30. I have a small dragonfly obsession. I own a million of them.

31. I have 3 tattoos, and I used to have my belly button pierced, but I'm allergic.

32. 2 of my 3 tattoos are of dragonflies.

33. I prefer Pepsi over Coke anyday.

34. I used to wear thong underwear until I got pregnant, and now they aren't comfy.

35. They're still cute though, so I wear them occasionally.

36. I work with 11 guys who think I'm god.

37. I've got quite a complex from it.

38. I read alot of books

39. If I have a boy, he will be named Gavin Hunter Guymer. If I have a girl, I'm gonna be looking for a name until the last second.

40. My Hubby is my second bestest best friend ever.

41. My Pookie (sister) is gonna be mad she's gotta read all this but she likes reading my blog, so it's okay.

42. We talk on the phone daily at least once.

43. I'm running out of stuff about myself, maybe I'll let me Pookie finish.

Pookie says
speaking as me

44. tho i am 22 and mary is going on 20 we both act like were 7 and 9 still.

45. Mary doesnt really know how to count this high, she had to look online.

46. I am a pregosaurus :-)

47. I drive teh pimpest car in all the land.

48. mary thinks this is really stupid and hard to do.

49. Im cool.

50. I love eating dead animal on a bun, on a plate, or off of a stick. im not picky.

51. (i cant believe im still doing this)

52. Ok i ran out of shit.

Monday, March 21, 2005

long, lazy weekend

Well, the weekend was nice. I was pretty lazy all weekend, watching movies and just kinda hanging out. The BGS stayed with me all weekend because the hubby was out of town. Friday night I had people over, made dinner, and the BGS got drunk. Saturday, I managed to spend $100 more on maternity clothes. I have never shopped so much for clothes, EVER. I'm just not a clothes shopping person. Sunday was hubby's cousin's Confirmation, which I missed, and Palm Sunday, which I also missed. I did manage to make it to a birthday party at noon. I had a hard time sleeping Saturday night, so by 8am, I was trying to catch up. I guess that I should get used to it, considering I have an infant on the way. The hubby came home yesterday, and I finished laundry and ate everything in my house that didn't require much cooking. We also watched a movie 'Notebook'. It was an awesome movie. It made me cry....:-( Damn movie!!!

So, we are slowly figuring out plans for April birthdays. I have taken April 6, 7, and 8 off from work. The 6th & 7th, I will be watching my little sisters, the demons. They have school though, so during the day, I plan on putting together the hubby's grill so it's ready for his b-day on the 12th. He will prolly get it early though, because we are having a bonfire on the 8th for my other sister's b-day. She'll be 20. We might as well just let him BBQ for her b-day too. Also, by then I will know the sex of the baby, so I will probably be started on painting the baby's room. I need to get rid of the ugly blue that's in there now. And please tell me, who the hell puts chinese symbols in BLACK paint on a ceiling, when there weren't any children living in the house at the time it was painted??? I just can't see anyone sitting at the kitchen table, saying "I thought of the best idea.. let's use these stencils, and put love, peace, and happiness in chinese all over the ceiling. Won't that be great??" Ummm.. no!!! It's not great, because now, I not only have to prime the entire room, I have the use Killz!! So that the paint doesn't show through the light colors that I picked out for the baby room. Bastards!!!

My boss sent home food with me yesterday from the birthday party. The Hubby just found it in the car, cuz I forgot it, and now it's junk. Damn, it was tasty too. I'm starving and gonna call Pookie and see if she wants to bring me food when she gets outta work. Maybe, just maybe, she will. If not, I will have to drive to the gramma's house to eat lunch, cuz I don't have any $$$ and I already ate everything at my house.

I was trying to be Suzy effin homemaker yesterday, after everything was clean, I decided to bake a cake. It is the ugliest cake I've ever seen. I'm hoping it still tastes good, but the hubby won't even try it, so I'm not sure. Maybe I'll make chicken for dinner tonight. I have some chicken tits in the freezer that I can use, especially since our freezer defrosted itself last night sometime, so now I kinda have to use everything fairly quickly. The hubby found that too this morning. I love our house, but I think it hates us. Weird stuff like that just happens all the damn time. And it's all just fluke.. doesn't work one minute, works the next. Maybe it's just me.

Note to self: *Tell Pookie to start getting stuff together for bonfire and get me number of people she thinks that I'm going to let in my backyard. Then cut number in half because I'm not going to be responsible for any minors drinking at my house.
*Tell BGS to watch for sales on stuff to BBQ for the Pookie's b-day and the hubby's b-day.

Friday, March 18, 2005

I'm a troll!!

Well, the hubby left this morning at 6am to go to the UP to snowmobile with his dad. So he's gone all weekend. YAY!! Maybe I'll paint the bedroom while he's gone..... Did you know that I'm a troll?? Apparently so, since I live "under the bridge". *insert rimshot here*

Anyways, so far, uneventful. I am making my absolute fav dinner tonight, mashed potatoes, gravy and CHICKEN SKIN!!! er well, actually chicken, but I'm only gonna eat skin, since that's what my craving is for.

I am starting to feel the baby move a little here and there. I'm 18 weeks, and damn near HALFWAY done. I'm kinda starting to get excited. Now that I can feel that baby move, I'm not just getting fat for nothing. That's a plus. Oh, too... I called yesterday about an ad in the paper. It's for expecting and new moms photo shoot thingy. It's $400 per photo shoot, and for 2 or 3 hours of my time, it's not a big deal. I personally can't wait. $400 cash money. I could definitely use it right now, that's for sure. AND then if someone asks me what I do for a living, I can say 'I'm a model'. That's funny. Especially if you know what I look like. WAY more funny.

So, the only reason that I'm even writing is so my sister has something to read. check out Damomma.com if you need something to read. It's very interesting. So, I'm at work, and doing absolutely nothing. I do think I'm going to paint this weekend, so I hope that Tissy and BGS are ready to move shit outta the baby's room. Oops, they didn't know that. There isn't much anyways, just the futon and a desk. And I already moved both, and I can do it again. It won't kill me. I wanna paint for sure.

The first one of my techs to walk in here and not have anything to do is going to go to my house and kill the Carpenter Ants, Slab Ants, and whatever creepy crawly things are there. MY BIG SNAKE ATE LAST NIGHT!!!! He ate the biggest rat I've ever seen in my life. It was HUGE!!! We have it all on tape. It was great. Well, I should work for a while now...... maybe.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I can do it....

My stroller/car seat thing came, and of course I had to put it all together. It took longer to pull out of the box than it did to put together, but the hubby complained the entire time. He didn't even put it together!!! I did!! He was the best person to deal with anyways last night. His cousin was over, helping him with the clean up of the brush, and he obviously decided that he needed to be mean to me. So mean, in fact, that I ended up sleeping on the couch so that I didn't have to listen to it all night. So, today, I feel like I was hit by a bus. I'm sore all over. However, I will be sleeping on the couch tonight as well to prove a point. I've also decided not to talk to him unless I have to, since my 'attitude and bitchyness' was the reason for the fight apparently. That and the fact that I did not thank him profusely enough for cutting down the trees and burning the brush. Even though my dad did most of the work cutting down trees. I made sure that I inputted that he doesn't say thank you profusely enough when I do dishes, laundry, vaccuum, sweep, dust, or any of the other millions of things that I do around the house to keep it running. I don't expect a thank you though. I do the stuff because it needs to be done, not because I want to or need the attention and recognition from him. I just do it. Obviously he needs to know that I am so humbly grateful to him for the manual labour that he did this past weekend that is in his territory anyways. I told him when we bought the house, I will do the indoor stuff and not ask for a single bit of help since he had the plans to cut down trees, and do all the lawncare on an acre of land. Since he got laid off in the fall, I also expect him to take out trash, put away his OWN clean clothes, and put away an occasional clean dish. Since he isn't doing anything outside, I don't think that's too much. But apparently now, when he does something that was in his list of things to do to begin with, I need to bow down to the master of the manual labour for helping me soooo much. Honestly I would have done it if I could, but I'm pregnant, I can't.

See, this is where the hubby and I butt heads on this issue. He was raised in a house that he didn't have chores or anything. His dad sat on his butt and didn't do anything, so why shouldn't he. My dad does laundry and dishes and whatever else needs to be done. I had chores to do when I was little. He didn't. It just makes me sick that I'm pregnant and now going to have to deal with baby plus do everything around the house that he CAN'T do because it will kill him. Honestly, he's almost died a few times, for walking in the living room and saying "the dishes need to be done" or "the laundry needs to be done." Then he sits down and looks at me until I throw something at him and tell him to do it if he feels that it needs to be done so bad he felt the need to bring it to my attention. I think that's the worst. Not that I do all the stuff, but that he WATCHES me do it, and can't help. Just for the record, yes the word Divorce has entered into my mind. I mean, if I'm going to do it all alone anyways, why not be alone. I can't see a reason for needing a man anyways. I just ended up with one as a fluke. A very very bad fluke.... Obviously.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part of the argument last night. He told me to 'rekindle something with an ex since I had all the pictures of them still'. I found a whole bunch of pictures from my high school days and some of them have ex-boyfriends in them. But they also have friends and family in them. I threw out some, but I refuse to get rid of them all because they are MY memories. I shouldn't have to throw them out. Right?? They're just pictures. It's not like I sit around and fantasize with them or something. I have been with the hubby for 4 years. You would think that maybe something would register in his brain. Obviously not. I'm just so sick of the stupid arguments like the one last night. Know why it all really started??? Because he hasn't gotten any in almost a week. He will continue to start stupid arguments until he gets some sex, then he will love me again. It's a nasty cycle. I'm not giving in this time though. He's gonna be a nasty bastard by the time it's all said and done. There will be some nasty arguments and alot of me sleeping on the couch. Eventually he will either get over it, or leave. Either way, the outcome will be better than getting to that point. Can you say unbearable?? I'm just sick of him 'not loving me' unless he's getting laid on a regular basis. Which is all it boils down to. Otherwise, I'm a bitch from hell and he hates me. Welcome to my Hell. :-)

Oh well, I should work now for a while, since that's where I am at the moment and the phones are ringing off the hook... goodbye blog for now!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Christ on a Cracker

I cannot belive how much baby shit costs!! I got back from the OB and picked up the mail to find a Babies R Us catalog. There isn't a single crib in there under $400. That's crazy. But anyways, to the OB appt..
I really like the new OB. She's awesome, and so is her nurse. Much better than the last OB that's for sure!!! I am scheduled for an Ultrasound on March 29th. Neener neener neener to the last OB who said that they weren't going to do another ultrasound period. Bastards!! I win, I found a good doctor who likes me.... YAY!!! Heart rate was 147, and other than that, nothing tragic to report... just excited about the ultrasound. Now I have to do much convincing for the next week and a half to make sure he (or she) opens those little legs so that I can see what kind of baby I'm having.. I am hoping for little girl, but boy is okay too... HEALTHY is all that matters.
My stroller came today, so when I get home from work I'm going to have to put it all together so I can play with it in the living room. The hubby didn't even know that the stroller had come. UPS delivered it and just put it in our garage. I guess he figured that it was open, we must be home. Turns out the hubby was home anyways, burning pine trees in the back yard. He cut like 10 trees down this weekend, and now he's burning all the brushy stuff.
I'm still waiting on all of the other stuff I ordered. I bought a propane tank cover in Mossy oak Camo for the hubby's grill that I got me for his birthday. I got a set of grill goodies too that should be here any day. Yes, I said I got me for his birthday. I told him that I was going to get what I want for his birthday. He laughed like I wasn't serious. I bought him a really nice gas grill though. He's never had one that was his. He's always had hand me downs. I wanted him to have one that he even had to put it together it was so new. Of course, Home depot would have put it together, but that's all of the fun for him. My parents are hiding it at their house right now, with the grill cover that they got him. He called me today to tell me that we needed more charcoal lighter fluid, since that's what he used to try to start the fire in the backyard like an idiot, and I had to bite my tongue not to say "you won't need it". I'm not very good at keeping secrets.

Oh, did I mention that his dad had to come over with the 'flame thrower' to start the fire in our backyard? I'm sure that was safe.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Just in case anyone cares


Click on that to read the story about the guy I was talking about that I went to school with. It's kinda crazy really. I never thought the kid would ever do anything like that, but I guess I was wrong.

A little late, I know

Okay, so I'm starting this a little later than I wanted to start initially. I wanted to start as soon as I found out I was pregnant, but I'll be damned if it just didn't work out that way. I found out that I was pregnant on December 22, and everything's been downhill from there. I am now 18 weeks pregnant, and still not excited about it. I have always wanted children, but was hoping to wait a few more years before starting a family. The hubby would have been content with never starting a family. Opting instead for a bass boat and 90 acres of huntable land.....with deer. Everyone keeps asking "Aren't you excited??" Umm.... I hate to answer no, but I'm really not... I'm scared to death.. that's what I am. I am not so scared of the pregnancy overall, or of being a mother.... okay, well that kinda scares me... But what really scares me is the END of the pregnancy. I am not a glutton for punishment, nor do I particularly enjoy pain. I am one of those people who avoid things because if might hurt. Such things like sledding or waterslides or say... childbirth. I just can't help it... I'm a wuss!!
Well, I go to the new OB tomorrow. I fired the first one because they pissed me off. ( long story) I will have to update with whatever they say tomorrow. I'm already getting fat, and that sucks. I will be prego all thru the summer, and due August 18th. My wedding anniversary is August 23rd, so call me selfish, but I don't wanna share that day, so the baby better be ready well before then. Say, end of July... I'm on the wagon, and that sucks bad.. raging drunk to DD in 2 seconds flat. I'm really having a hard time with the lack of alcohol in my system. I quit smoking as well, which is great for the baby... but what about me??!!! I have needs too!!! I just want one constantly is all. Nothing major. The hubby is happy I quit, but now he's trying to work on me not chewing my nails... like that's going to happen anytime soon!!! My Big Gay Steve (BGS) is not so thrilled about it. Now, not only did he lose his drinking buddy, but his smoke break buddy too! Sorry Stevie!! He keeps trying to tell me that I'll stop at one child after all the hell with quitting smoking and drinking. I think he's wrong. He's a spoiled only child... I can't have that. (Just kidding Steve)
Okay, so I think that I've rambled enough for now. Maybe... I'm at work, so I keep having to leave this and come back to it. Right now I'm trying to find out if anyone's seen the news for the last few days... something about a guy damn near killing his mom by beating her with a metal pipe er something... I KNOW this guy. I actually used to hang out with him in High School. So I am a little bit in shock right now. Well, I suppose that I'll go for now so I can check where the hell my stroller is in transit ( I bought it on EBay), and maybe work for a while, and while I'm at it, call and bug the hubby, cuz he's fishing and apparently catching fish... and he hates it when I call him with nothing to talk about. :-)